• Procurement of office necessities, educational apparatuses, and other supplies for the university and individual departments.
  • Cleans and redecorates campus environment.
  • Discipline and reward employed mechanics and office janitors.
  • Disbursement of petty cash.
  • Management of campus vehicles for official use.
  • Issuance of parking permits for faculty members, students, and visitors.
Tel Extension
Chief Chen Cing-Rong 13200
Staff Chen Chung-Yung 13201
Staff Lin His-Chung 13202
Staff Yu Tzu-Ying 13203
Staff Tang Hui-Ling 13204
Staff Liu Mei-Lin 13205
Staff Chen Su-Chen 13206
Staff Chiu Feng-mei 13207
Staff Lee Hui-shu 13208
Staff Huang Kui-jin 13210
Staff Cai Mei-de 13211
Staff Gan Jian-zhong 13212
Staff Lin Yong-mao 13213