• Comprehensive planning for campus development.
  • Budgets and bid-invites construction projects.
  • Supervision of construction sites.
  • Accepts checks of construction development.
  • Maintains and improves campus buildings, classrooms, water and electric facilities.
  • Designs campus environment.

Tel Extension
Chief Lin Jin-Yuan 13600
Staff Jeng Jiin-cherng 13601
Staff Wang Ching-jung 13607
Staff Lo Jen-Hung 13608
Staff Chen Chien-Hiang 13612
Staff Cai Yi-Jing 13606
Staff Tsai Cha-chao 13603
Staff Huang Tian-yu 13613
Staff Wu Jiim-jou 13611
Staff Che Chien-hung 13610
Staff Cheng Chen-yih 13609
Staff Her Tian-zong 13666
Staff Tsng Pao-chen 13614